About Us


Over the past four decades, there has been a small but growing number of Singaporeans who have decided to take the road less-travelled to pursue their higher education in Germany. The great majority of these Singaporeans had their higher education sponsored by the Carl Duisburg Association, a German non-profit organisation. As the number of German graduates grew in size, a group of these German-trained professionals decided to launch a German Alumni based on its Carl-Duisburg heritage, called the Singapore Carl-Duisburg Association.

As Singapore grew into a developed nation, the sponsorship by the Carl Duisburg Association was stopped. In its place, the Singapore Government and its agencies started awarding scholarships to German Universities. On top of this, a steadily growing number of Singaporeans have been making their own way to Germany to pursue their higher education there.

In late 2006, with great support from the German Embassy Singapore, a decision had been taken to re-launch a new German Alumni that would serve the interests of all those who pursued a German higher education. The Alumni shall serve as a professional platform for fellow graduates from Germany and other interested individuals to stay connected with one another and to represent the Singaporean perspective with regard to the latest developments and opportunities in Germany.


To help members stay in contact with one another through Alumni events.

To provide members with the opportunities to network within the Alumni as well as with other alumnus and organisations.

To provide members with the opportunity to upkeep their knowledge of the latest developments and events related to Germany and the German language.

To provide members with a forum to discuss and represent the common interests of all Singapore citizens and residents who have graduated from an institution of higher learning in Germany.

To promote a spirit of collaboration and solidarity amongst members and positively contribute to the general well-being of Singapore and the Alumni.